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JIN - Job Information Network

JIN, the Job Information Network, is a free career center offered since 1999 by the European Society for Animal Cell Technology (, a not-for-profit scientific society.

JIN is aiming to be a collection of positions and personnel available worldwide in the field of Animal Cell Culture and Technology. Companies, Universities and Research Institutes can post any job vacancies they have in this field. Individuals can submit their resume and directly forward it for job positions advertised on this site. A comprehensive list of all actual vacancies is a just a click away!

The main intention of JIN by ESACT is to help the recent graduate of the animal cell culture field as well as the experienced practitioner find an adequate job within his/her area of expertise. By advertising job vacancies in animal cell culture and technology, academic institutions and industry benefit from this service in that they can expect to reach a pool of highly qualified individuals at no cost!

From its beginning in January 1999 until March 2004, JIN advertised about 300 highly specialised positions. In March 2004, JIN was upgraded to offer a better service and many new features.

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