Cells and Animal Models for Drug Discovery, Uruguay

October 16 – 27, 2017
Montevideo, Uruguay

This training course will cover critical aspects of mammalian cell and animal based screens for the discovery and identification of biologically active compounds. We provide an intensive, hands-on, 10-days training course, combining lectures, participant’s posters and case studies sessions as well as practical activities in a wet lab. The course comprises lectures covering the following topics:

  • Target identification and validation
  • Preclinical testing: role of cell and animal models during drug development
  • Assay development and validation: criteria for a robust and reliable cell assay for each stage/question
  • Cell line selection: how to choose the best cell line for the purpose and assay
  • Frequently used cell-based HTS assays: points to consider
  • Complex cellular assays: HCS, reporter cell lines, 3D- and siRNA-based screens
  • Stem cells, iPS, organoids
  • Alternative animal models for drug testing
  • Equipment and logistic: automation, data storage and data analysis

Post-Docs, PhD, Master Students, and Scientists working in the field of drug discovery are welcome to apply. Deadline for receipt of applications by local organizers: 16 July 2017. For more information: secretaria@pasteur.edu.uy

Confirmed speakers:

PAULA MARQUES ALVES (IBET/Portugal), MICHEL COHEN-TANNOUDJI (CNRS-IP Paris/France), HANSJÖRG HAUSER (HZI/ Germany), EBERHARD KRAUß (VIB/Belgium), JOO HWAN NO (IP Korea/Rep. of Korea), HEINZ RUFFNER (Novartis Institutes/Switzerland), GUSTAVO SALINAS (IP Montevideo/Uruguay), DAVID SHUM (IP Korea/Rep. of Korea), SHAHRAGIM TAJBAKHSH (IP Paris/France), Flavio ZOLESSI (IP Montevideo/Uruguay).

Download Flyer: Cell and Animal Models for Drug Discovery

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