Novel ESACT Practical course on INTRODUCTION TO CELL BIOREACTOR PRODUCTION AND MONITORING: Application to protein & virus processes

23 to 27 September 2024

Coordinators: Emma PETIOT (Université Claude Bernard Lyon), Karen Moreau (Université Claude Bernard Lyon)

Application is open until 1 July 2024!


Full hands-on program of 4 days

  • Knowledge of lab-scale bioreactors (stainless steel / single-use)
    i.e. identification of bioreactor parts / Bioreactor mounting / sterilizing
  • Suspension cell culture in bioreactors (CHO, Sf9)
    i.e. comparison of culture conditions (ex. culture medium / infection conditions like MOI screening)
  • Standard cell culture monitoring
    Sterile Sampling, Cell counting, identification of viral replication signs / transgene expression, Metabolic analysis / Cell death
  • Cell infection vs transduction process
    i.e. kinetics / impacting parameters: MOI / Media / process / scale-up

Please find the programme as pdf file below.

Access to Level 2 laboratories equipped with

  • 500 mL stainless steel Bioreactors (Applikon)
  • 2 L single-use bioreactor (Sartorius Biostat A )
  • 20 L Single-use  Rocker Bioreactor (Cytiva)
  • Standard Cell culture equipment’s


  • Applying academic or industrial (PhD students, Post-Doc, Engineers, etc..) should already have cell culture knowledge and, ideallyhave already followed one of the ESACT theoretical courses.


Université Claude Bernard Lyon

Karen Moreau

Université Claude Bernard Lyon