ICGEB Course on Glycoproteins 2018, Argentina

September 3 – 8, 2018
Santa Fe, Argentina

Therapeutic Mammalian Cell-Derived Glycoproteins: Design, Expression and Glycosylation Analysis

While therapeutic proteins have revolutionized the medical needs and provided safe and efficacious benefits, low activity, fast clearance and immunogenicity are significant challenges to develop novel biopharmaceuticals. Considering that two-thirds of marketed therapeutics is proteins and that glycosylation is the main post-translational modification, this intensive, hands on, 6 days-training course aims to provide participants with basic knowledge on the biological role of glycoproteins, exploring the mechanisms for achieving the expression of bioactive recombinant glycoproteins in mammalian cells as well as the application of glycoengineering as a methodology to improve their therapeutic properties. Analytical methods will be discussed to describe the glycosidic structure of glycoproteins such as liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance. The role of glycosylation in pathogenesis and immunogenicity will be also included considering their significance for producing biopharmaceuticals.

Likewise, the course will contribute to the knowledge of the quality attributes of the biotherapeutic products and the requirements to study their comparability and biosimilarity.

The topics to be addressed in this course have boomed over the last years with increased use in animal cell technology and medical disciplines.

Practical works related with monosacharide analysis, glycan analysis by MS and in-vitro biological activity will be carried out.

Confirmed speakers:  ALICIA COUTO  (CIHIDECAR/CONICET, Argentina): CARLOS BERTONCINI (DominguezLAB CRO/CONICET, Argentina); EDUARDO MUFARREGE (UNL/CONICET, Argentina); GUILLERMINA FORNO (UNL/AMEGAbiotech S.A., Argentina) KARINA MARIÑO (IBYME/CONICET, Argentina); LAURA MAURO (Zelltek S.A, Argentina); LAURA PALOMARES (UAM, México); MARCOS OGGERO EBERHARDT (UNL/CONICET, Argentina); MARIELA BOLLATI FOGOLÍN (IPMONT, Uruguay); Marina Etcheverrigaray (UNL/CONICET, Argentina); MICHAEL BETENBAUGH (Johns Hopkins University, USA); NATALIA CEAGLIO (UNL/CONICET, Argentina); RAQUEL MONTESINO (Universidad de Concepción, Chile); RICARDO KRATJE (UNL/CONICET, Argentina); Ronaldo Mohana Borges (Universidad Federal de Río de Janeiro, Brasil); SUSAN SHARFSTEIN (SUNY Polytechnic Institute, College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, USA); THOMAS RYLL (ImmunoGen, Inc., USA); YVES DUROCHER (Bioprocédés Institut de Recherche en Biotechnologie, Canada).

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