Regular ESACT Meetings

Every two years ESACT organizes a Scientific Meeting, where about 1000 scientists meet, designed to give scheduled presentations and discussions on an informal forum. The next ESACT meeting has to be postponed due to Corona pandemic and will be held from June 26 to 29, 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal.

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All members get reduced registration fees. Keynote presentations, pre-conference work-shops and a large poster session allow updating on the latest animal cell culture scientific developments. The program runs without parallel sessions and enough time for networking opportunities. Exhibitors present the latest innovations in equipment.

Previous ESACT Meetings

Conference proceedings of the ESACT Meeting 2017 in Lausanne, Switzerland are already available.

The last ESACT meeting took place from May 14 to 17, 2017 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The scientific committee prepared a highly informative programme under the following meeting theme: Cell technologies for innovative therapies. The meeting was organised at the heart of one of the most innovative regions in the field of biomedical research. The conference venue was located within the campus of the EPFL, a university which ranks among the best institutions worldwide and has a very strong focus in life sciences. In short, this was a great place for innovation and certainly a great place to hear about innovation and learn about the latest advances in our field.

In addition, we were also very active in setting up networking events which provided significant opportunities to exchange with other delegates and learn more about the region. The website of the 25th ESACT meeting is still available and you find there a lot of interesting information and the meeting programme.

Download proceedings

25th ESACT Meeting – 2017 – Lausanne, Switzerland – M. Stettler

24th ESACT Meeting – 2015 – Barcelona, Spain – F. Gódia

23rd ESACT Meeting – 2013 – Lille, France – Y.-J. Schneider

22nd ESACT Meeting – 2011 – Vienna, Austria – N. Borth/ H. Katinger

21st ESACT Meeting – 2009 – Dublin, Ireland –  M. Comer

20th ESACT Meeting – 2007 – Dresden, Germany –  H. Hauser

19th ESACT Meeting – 2005 – Harrogate, UK – R. Smith

18th ESACT Meeting – 2003 – Granada, Spain –  F. Gódia

17th ESACT Meeting – 2001 – Tylösand, Sweden – E. Lindner-Ohlson

16th ESACT Meeting – 1999 – Lugano, Switzerland – F. Wurm/ A. Bernard

JAACT/ESACT joint Meeting – 1998 – Kyoto, Japan

15th ESACT Meeting – 1997 – Tours, France – O.-W. Merten

14th ESACT Meeting – 1996 – Vilamoura, Portugal – M. Carrondo

13th ESACT/JAACT joint Meeting – 1994 – Veldhoven, The Netherlands – E.C. Beuvery

12th ESACT Meeting – 1993 – Wurzburg, Germany – W. Berthold

11th ESACT Meeting – 1991 – Brighton, UK – C. MacDonald

10th ESACT Meeting – 1990 – Avignon, Frances – B. Meigniers

9th ESACT Meeting – 1988 – Knokke, Belgium – S. Stephenne

8th ESACT/OHOLO joint Meeting – 1987 – Tiberias, Israel –  A. Mizrahi

7th ESACT Meeting – 1985 – Baden, Austria –  H. Katinger

6th ESACT/IABS joint Meeting – 1984 – Gardone Riviera, Italy – G.F. Panini

5th ESACT Meeting – 1982 – Copenhagen, Denmark – J. Litwin

4th ESACT/IABS joint Meeting – 1981 – Heidelberg, Germany – H. Miltenburger

3rd ESACT Meeting – 1979 – Oxford, UK – B. Griffith

2nd ESACT Meeting – 1978 – Paris, France – F. Horaud

1st ESACT Meeting – 1976 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – S. Barteling