Proceedings of former ESACT meetings

Presented data at former ESACT meetings could be published in short communications in the form of proceedings. Available proceedings are listed below. Please click the respective link “Go to proceeding” for download.

25th ESACT MeetingCell Technologies for
Innovative Therapies
Go to proceeding
24th ESACT MeetingC2P2: Cells, Culture, PatientsGo to proceeding
23rd ESACT MeetingBetter Cells for Better HealthGo to proceeding
22nd ESACT MeetingCell Based TechnologiesGo to proceeding
21st ESACT MeetingProceedings of the 21st Annual Meeting of the European Society for Animal Cell TechnologyGo to proceeding
20th ESACT MeetingCells and CultureGo to proceeding
19th ESACT MeetingCell Technology for Cell ProductsGo to proceeding
18th ESACT MeetingAnimal Cell Technology Meets GenomicsGo to proceeding
17th ESACT MeetingAnimal Cell Technology: From Target to MarketGo to proceeding
16th ESACT MeetingAnimal Cell Technology: Products from Cells, Cells as ProductsGo to proceeding
JAACT/ESACT Meeting, Kyoto/Japan, 1998Animal Cell Technology: Challenges for the 21st CenturyGo to proceeding
15th ESACT MeetingNew Developments and New Applications in Animal Cell TechnologyGo to proceeding
14th ESACT MeetingAnimal Cell TechnologyGo to proceeding