2nd Bioprocessing and Manufacturing of Gene and Cell Therapy Products Course

Sept 25-29, 2022

Coordinators: Coordinators: Eric J Kremer (CNRS, France), Joaquim Vives (Servei Terapia Cellular at Banc de Sang I Teixits, Spain), Paula Alves, iBET, Portugal

Gene and cell products are paving the way towards more effective therapeutics for unmet medical needs. Currently, one of the main translational challenges is a consistent and cost-effective supply of these complex medicinal products. Taking into account the interest raised by ESACT members and other learned societies, we are organizing the 2nd Bioprocessing and Manufacturing of Gene and Cell Therapy Products Course in Llafranc, Costa Brava/Spain, in September 2022. ESACT is introducing this activity as one more contribution to the community targeting the use of viral vectors, stem cells and immune cells for therapy. This inaugural course is intended for Ph.D. students, post-docs, junior scientists, engineers and clinicians searching to improve their understanding of the development and manufacturing of gene and cell therapy products. The speakers will address key bioprocessing aspects, analytical toolsets to assess the quantity and quality attributes, and regulatory challenges for the manufacturing of ATMPs, providing also a solid fundamental basis on vectorology and stem cell biology. The course is designed as an interactive 5-day program with the number of participants restricted to 30 to foster interaction among speakers and attendees. The course comprises lectures covering the main topics of Gene & Cell Therapy:

  • Introduction to Gene Therapy & to Cell Therapy
  • Immunology, Virology & Vectorology
  • Cell Line Development for Viruses Production
  • Stem Cell Biology
  • Gene Modification of Cells for Therapy
  • Bioreactor scale-up, scale down and single use Bioreactor for Cells based Products & Viral Vectors
  • Downstream processing for Cells based Products & Viral Vectors
  • Omics in Bioprocess Development
  • Manufacturing Cells based Products & Viral Vectors
  • Novel Modalities in Gene & Cell Therapy
  • Scale-up and the Role of Automation in Gene & Cell Therapy
  • Process & Product Analytics
  • Health Technology Assessment/Economics
  • Decision Tools

The program has also slots dedicated to presentation of case studies by lecturers, workshops, exercises and discussion groups with the lecturers.

Confirmed Lecturers: Lecturers: Eric Kremer (CNRS, France), Joaquim Vives (BST, Spain), Paula Alves (iBET, Portugal), Ana Coroadinha (ITQB NOVA, Portugal), Chantal Martin (Turnstone, Canada), Eoin McGrath (EBMT, Spain), Francesca Rosseti, (AGC Biologics, Italy) Ioannis Papantouniou (KU Leuven; Belgium); Kerry Fisher (Univ.Oxford, UK); Margarida Serra (FCT NOVA, Portugal); Mercedes Segura (AvroBio, USA). A limited number of grants, covering the course fee (not travel costs), will be provided by ESACT. Applicants should state it in the course application, and provide a motivation statement. Priority for grants will be given to Ph.D. students and Post-Docs from academia.  

Organizing Committee

Paula Marques Alves
Animal Cell Technology Unit
Apartado 12, 2780-901 Oeiras
Tel.: +351 21 4469421
E-mail: marques@ibet.pt

Joaquim Vives
Servei de Teràpia Cellular
Banc de Sang i Teixits
Edifici Doctor Frederic Duran i Jordà
Passeig Taulat, 116
08005 Barcelona
Tel.: +34 93 557 35 00 (ext 6708)
E-mail: jvives@bst.cat

Eric J Kremer
CNRS, IGMM – Institut de Génétique Moléculaire de Montpellier
1919 rt de Mende
Montpellier, 34293
Tel.: +33 4 34 35 96 72 (lab 74)
E-mail: eric.kremer@igmm.cnrs.fr

Contact for registration

Birgit Marckhgott
E-mail: office@esact.org

Application for 2nd Bioprocessing and Manufacturing of Gene and Cell Therapy Products Course

Application is already open now! – By filling out and submitting the contact form below, you are applying to join the course. The Selection of participants will be based solely on the strength of your motivation letter and your CV (in case of applying for a grant). It does not depend on the date of receipt of the application.