ESACT Innovation Award 2024

Please consider identifying and nominating strong candidates for the 2024 ESACT Innovation Award

Extension of nomination deadline: February 5, 2024

The ESACT Innovation Award is to recognize outstanding innovators and contributors to the field of Animal Cell Culture Technology (ACCT). ESACT has had a profound impact on the development of ACCT-based production of biologicals as human therapeutics as well as diagnostics. Over the years, several landmark contributions have been made by scientists and organizations associated with ESACT, yet, there has not been a mechanism to recognize such contributions and disseminate their impact. This Award aims to fill this need.

For the purpose of this Award and to provide clarity, ESACT defines “Animal Cell Culture Technology” as:

Applied science, technologies, systems and processes that enable, facilitate or improve the use of cultured animal cells in research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

The Award is presented at the discretion of the ESACT Award Committee during the ESACT bi-annual Scientific Meeting. The value of the Award will be a sum of 5000 together with a commemorative plaque. The Award will be presented to the recipient at the ESACT bi-annual Scientific Meeting. The 2024 ESACT Innovation Award recipient is invited to present the ESACT Innovation Award Lecture at the ESACT2024 Scientific Meeting held in Edinburgh June 23-26 immediately following the Award presentation. The invitation to attend the ESACT Meeting will further include all travel expenses, accommodation during the Meeting and a waiver of registration fees.

ESACT Executive Committee members, as well as Award Committee members, are ineligible for the Award during the term of their respective Committee membership and for a two-year period thereafter. All other individuals or organizations that satisfy the Award criteria above are eligible for nomination for the Award.

The Award was established in 2018 and the first one was awarded at the 2019 ESACT meeting in Copenhagen.

The Inaugural 2019 ESACT Innovation Award Recipient was Dr. Volker Sandig, MD, PhD.

The 2022 ESACT Innovation Award Recipients were Dr. Richard Wales and Mr. Neil Bargh.

Details regarding the nomination procedure and deadlines can be found on the attached PDF doc: