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The 28th ESACT meeting will take place on 23-26 June 2024 in Edinburgh.

Secure your place at ESACT 2024—the premier event for professionals in the biotechnology and cell therapy industries! With the early bird deadline swiftly approaching on 3 April 2024, now is the time to take advantage of discounted rates and secure your registration.

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Poster submissions

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The reviews of the abstracts will be published on 8 March 2024.

Confirmed invited speakers

Confirmed invited speakers (with draft titles) include:

Keynote Speakers

Adrian Bird (University of Edinburgh, UK) – Towards genetic therapies for Rett syndrome

David MacMillan (Princeton, USA) – Micromapping: A chemical approach to biological insights and therapeutic intervention

Nabila Saklaven (Cellino, USA) – Ultra-scalable Manufacturing of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell for Therapies

Cells as factories and therapies: modernizing biologics production for emerging modalities

Andreas Pluckthun (University of Zurich) – Precision gene delivery through protein engineering

Isabelle Riviere (Takeda, USA) – Evolving CAR cell Therapies

Zoltan Ivics (Paul Ehrlich Institute, Frankfurt) – The Sleeping Beauty transposon system: A molecular parasite tamed for genome engineering

Product Quality – Functional Relevance and Emerging Technologies

Jamie Piret (UBC, Canada) – Process Analytical Utility of Raman Microscopy for Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Jonathan Bones (NIBRT, Ireland) – Making analytical characterisation routine

Rena Mizrahi (Gigagen, USA) – Control and Characterization of Thousands-Diverse Recombinant Polyclonal Antibodies

From Big Data to Better Cells and Processes

Moritz von Stosch (DataHow, Switzerland) – Towards digital process development – How (hybrid) modeling and transfer learning could change the way we develop and operate processes

Zan Luthney-Schulten (University of Illinois, USA) – 4D simulations of a growing minimal bacterial cell

Transitioning from development to manufacture – How do science and innovation translate into highly efficient biomanufacturing?

Brian Shy (University of California, USA) – Developing and manufacturing CRISPR-engineered T cell therapies in the academic setting

Cath Green (University of Oxford, UK) – Scaling-up Covid vaccine manufacture: Combating the pandemic

Jyothsna Viswesvaraiah (Seismic, USA) – Mitigating risk during biologics manufacturing using discovery stage developability assays and state of the art machine learning based optimization