X Latin American Symposium on Cell Culture Technology (X SLATCC)

X Latin American Symposium on Cell Culture Technology (X SLATCC) offers researchers and professionals from Latin America, as well as other international participants, the opportunity to share and discuss experiences in different fields of application of animal cell culture, such as the biopharmaceutical industry, the production of vaccines and cell therapy products.

The SLATCC has been held every two years since 2004 and consists of talks, roundtable discussions, and poster exhibitions. The first edition took place at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brail, where numerous educators presented their main research works and projects. Subsequent editions were held in São Paulo, Brazil (2006), Havana, Cuba (2008), Montevideo, Uruguay (2010), Santa Fe, Argentina (2012, 2022), Valparaíso, Chile (2014), Cocoyoc, Estado de Morelos, México (2016), and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2018). All editions have highlighted the achievements reached by working collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams.

We are delighted to announce that our 10th version which will be held over 4 days (13th to 16th November 2024) in Viña del Mar, Chile and its organization will be led by the School of Biochemical Engineering at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, along with researchers from the Universidad de Chile and Universidad de Concepción.

Following the X SLATCC, the theoretical course ‘Animal Cell Culture Technology’ will be held on the 18th to 22nd of November 2024 in Santiago, Chile.

For more information about the X SLATCC and the theoretical course ‘Animal Cell Culture Technology, please contact us at slatcc2024@pucv.cl or visit https://pucv.cl/uuaa/site/edic/base/port/slatcc.html.

Claudia Altamirano, PhD, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
Julio Berríos, PhD, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
María Carmen Molina, PhD, Universidad de Chile
Ziomara Gerdtzen, PhD, Universidad de Chile
Jorge Toledo, PhD, Universidad de Concepción

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Valparaíso November 13 – 16